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Back or neck pain is best dealt with as soon as possible. If you have injured yourself, woken up stiff or sore or have re-aggravated an old injury than call us to see how we can help.


Whether a recent injury or long standing pain a lot of our clients have had great results. Back & Neck pain can be steam from a lot of different causes. It can be caused by the joints of the spine and pelvis not moving correctly. Muscle imbalances and tightness can also affect the lower back and shoulders & neck. Most people wait until they are very sore through the lower back to seek help, which can sometimes make the problem much worse then it needs to be. If you are suffering lower back pain or twinges here and there it is probably best to get this checked sooner rather than later.


Some headaches originate in the neck these are referred to as cervicogenic headaches. By restoring function and movement to the joints in the neck chiropractic may help headaches ease in some cases.


Here at Canterbury Chiropractic we are ACC registered. Chiropractors are not limited to spinal injuries. If you have hurt yourself at home, in the garden, at work or playing sport you can call us.