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To qualify for ACC you must have had a recent injury where you can specify an event occurring at a specific date and time. We can lodge these at our office, you do not need a referral. If you have an existing and valid claim, we can also use this - there is no need to fill out a new form. ACC injuries do not have to have happened at work. You could have hurt yourself at home or playing sport as well. There is a surcharge for ACC, these appointments are not fully funded.

Southern Cross

As an affiliated provider, if you have health insurance with Southern Cross Health Society, you may be able to claim the cost of chiropractic care against your policy at Canterbury Chiropractic. In some cases, there may be a small charge that will need paid but Southern Cross will cover the payment more often than not, this will depend on your level of cover.

If you’re not sure if you’re covered then you can contact us, and we can request prior approval before you have any treatment